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Hospoda u Grobiána


The beer

Beers on the tap

PILSNER URGUELL 12°                    0,3 l     18,--          0,5 l     30,--

Pilsner Urquell is different from other premium beers by its alcohol content. With 4.4 % alcohol content it´s not strong beer, but nevertheless is characterized by the balanced bitterness (derived from hops) and natural sweetness (brought by malt). We say that it is a powerful combination, but not very strong.

The natural constancy of taste remains in your mouth for a while, after the first sip. It's called „the tail“.


YEAST-RINGED LAGER 12°                    0,3 l     18,--          0,5 l     30,--

Ringed Budvar lager-contains live yeast culture, thus has a larger content of amino acids and vitamins of complex B.  This beer contains 5.0 % of alcohol and a higher content of high-molecular protein, which causes better fullness of taste. The pep of the beer is from higher to strong, which is positively reflected in the fresher and more refreshing taste of this lager. The foam is rich, compact and last longer. The color of the beer is yellowish; presence of the yeast in it causes the beer to be not so quaint sparkling, but clear and lightly opalescent. 

The ringed lager is being delivered exclusively into selected gastronomic facilities which meet the strict conditions for the ageing of the beer in KEG barrels, because they have to stay in a fixed position at least one week before taping of the keg at the temperature of 6–8 °C.


STAROPRAMEN 11° LIGHT LAGER BEER                     0,3 l     15,--          0,5 l     24,--

The original alcoholic strength of Staropramen 11° is 11.3% and thanks to the used production technology and composition of raw materials is characterized by a distinct taste and full color. For brewing are being used three types of malt: Czech, Bavarian and Caramel one. And exactly the use of non-traditional caramel malt in the preparation of the pale Lager makes from last year's new product of Staropramen an original and exceptional beer.


GAMBRINUS 10° LIGHT  DRAFT                    0,3 l     12,--          0,5 l     22,--

This is a Czech beer, for any occasion. Gambrinus Light Draft has all the main characteristic  advantages of beers brewed in Pilsen, which is principally deliciously light bitter taste, rich color, rich foam and correct pep, which is distinctive and refreshing, but it doesn´t overpower a unique soft taste of beer.


Bottled beer

0,5 l Velkopopovický kozel porter 25,--
0,355 l Master 18° dark special 45,--
0,5 l Radegast Birell light alcohol free 25,--
0,33 l Stella Artrois light 42,--
0,33 l Stella Artrois alcohol free 40,--
0,25 l Hoergaarden 55,--
0,25 l Leffe 55,--
0,25 l Frisco 25,--


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